The Ivory Tower international project.

This project is really for my own personal interest, but I hope it will be of benefit to all members of the bitcoin Talk forum. I want to get a feel for the current uses and problems associated with a variety of alternative financial instruments around the world. These can include Bitcoin, alternative virtual currencies, and alternatives to the established fiat systems. Your post should be at a personal level rather than rehashed reports from the established media. Examples would be the popularity and use of Bitcoin in your college, or the use of toilet rolls as a payment method in Venezuela.

Posts will need to be written in good quality English, but this is unlikely to be a problem if English is not your first language. We will work with you as part of the Fit to Talk English project, and you will receive full credit for your originl post. Topics will need to be interesting and informative, and suitable for inclusion in the Ivory Tower thread. This means that the final product will need to be accepted by our committee, and acceptance will guarntee you a mimimum of 5 merits in the Bitcoin Talk forum.

To be eligible, you must be a member of both the Bitcoin Talk forum, and the Fit to Talk project, and you must use the same name for both memberships. For your post to be considered, you must submit both your local language post, and an English language translation in a new thread on Fit to Talk. You may also want to post your topic on your local language board at Bitcoin Talk. You will post edited English topic on one of the Bitcoin Talk boards, and it will be quoted in the Ivory Tower thread with a reference to your post. Your merit will be awarded to the English language post. The project is open to all levels of membership, and that includes brand new members. However, we do encourage new and junior members to take part in this project, and members can submit more than one topic, but please make sure that they are interesting and of good quality.