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I'm going to use this section to publish occasional articles that I think will be of interest to my readers.

The articles are intended to help membersof the Bitcoin Talk forum. Bitcoin Talk id the forum that was created by Satoshi Nakomoto himself, and it is still the best place to discuss Bitcoin, crypto currencies, and the emerging government digital currencies. If you aren't a member, then click on the link below -

The Bitcoin Talk forum

A description of the Bitcoin Talk merit system

  01/06/18 06:04 pm, by , Categories: Background , Tags: bitcoin talk, merit, upranking

The Bitcoin Talk merit system was introduced to help combat spam and inferior posting, and during the few months that it hs been in operation, it is having some success. I have read numerous posts and threads discussing the merit system, but I have yet to see a comprehensive description of its elements and operation. I hope that this article will help my readers to understand the merit structure. I am Jet Cash, and I am a merit source, I am in the list of top awarders of merit, and the list of top receivers.

Part of the confusions arises from the interchangeable use of the words 'merit' and 'sMerit', and I have replaced those with the words 'medal' and 'credit'. I feel that this makes the description of the system a far easier task. I have used some other words to describe components of the system, and these words are my creations, and they are not part of the official Bitcoin talk description.

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This is a multipage post

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Second post

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First Post

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