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In response to: A description of the Bitcoin Talk merit system

Comment from: najaatu paki [Visitor]  
najaatu paki

A very helpful article,shares more knowledge about the merits system.But nowadays getting merits in the forum is much more difficult than before one can be doing the best to get merited and ended up without getting any .I think more knowledge should be shared about the merit system and how it work.

06/06/18 @ 04:51 pm

In response to: A description of the Bitcoin Talk merit system

Comment from: retty [Visitor]  

Hi, as a recently joined member i see lots of posts and threads with regard to merit(s). In all honesty i didn’t really know why people wanted to ‘rank up’ so desperately, I am still unsure why to be honest, and I expect the better the quality of info/post the better your chances of merit?

Either way, it seems to be a big deal within the forum, and obviously very sought after. So I am glad you invited me to look at this, as it does explain it in depth- I literally read it three times as there was quite a bit to take in, though i do understand the reasoning behind it. I can also see that merit is seldom given to newer people as from further investigation it seems that a lot of newbies intentions aren’t trustworthy, so I genuinely think its a good thing to have the merit system. At the risk of making it harder for myself to gain any merit as a newbie, i agree that quality content trumps multiple pointless 2-3 word posts every single time. Feel free to reach out if you need anything else from me.


Ross (retty!)

05/06/18 @ 11:07 pm
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