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A description of the Bitcoin Talk merit system

  01/06/18 06:04 pm, by , Categories: Background , Tags: bitcoin talk, merit, upranking

There are several types of merit, and they fall into two basic categories depending on their use. I will refer to 'permanent' merits as 'medals', and awardable merits as 'credits' They are not interchangeable, and they are stored in different locations. I will call the store for your medals your medal chest, and your awardable credits are kept in your credit wallet. A credit awarder is any member who has credits that he can give to other members.

Medals are the merits you need to maintain and improve your rank in the Bitcoin Talk forum, and once they have been placed in your chest, they are inaccessible to you. The count of the medals/merits in your chest is displayed in your profile information, and this count is considered when the upranking cron job is run every 14 days by the forum server. There are two type of medals, 'legacy' and 'earned'. Legacy medals were awarded to existing members of the forum when the merit system was implemented. They were awarded to allow members to retain the rank they had achieved as a result of their past support for the forum. Earned medals are the medals that you receive as a result of making posts that the community deems to be meritable. To receive a medal, an awarder will send a credit from his wallet, and the system will convert this into a medal that is stored in your chest.

Credits are referred to by  variety of names in the forum, and these include 'spendable merits', 'sendable merits', and 'source merits'. There are several ways that credits are generated. On the first day of the merit system there was an air drop, and most of the forum members received an allocation. This allocation was based on a calculation involving the member's rank at the time, and his activity count. There is another way that credits are generated - for every two medals that are added to your chest, the system will add a credit to your wallet.

Credits are also generated by merit sources. A merit source is a senior member of the forum, and the administrators have decided that he can be trusted to generate new credits to award to posters. Upon appointment, a merit source receives an initial allocation of credits, and he can award these as he sees fit. These are not combined with any credits in his wallet,  but are kept in a source credit pouch. These credits are rather special, as they are replaced 30 days after they have been awarded, and the replacement is added to his pouch. You will realise that any delay in awarding these credits slows down the generation of new merits, and this illustrates the damage that bad posters do to the ranking potential of the better members. If a source is slowed down by disruptive posting, he will not be able to visit as many threads to award his credits. When a  pouch is empty the source can continue to award credits from his wallet. You can see why there are only a few merit sources, as they are usually credit rich, with credits from the air drop, earned credits, and a renewable supply from the source.

You can check your status as a merit awarder by clicking on the '+merit' button to the top right of any post. If your don't have this button, then you don't have any credits (sMerits) to award. Clicking on this button will open a window containing the following text

You have received a total of 9999 merit. This is what determines your forum rank. You typically cannot lose this merit. You have 999 sendable merit (sMerit) which you can send to other people. There is no point in hoarding sMerit; keeping it yourself does not benefit you, and we reserve the right to decay unused sMerit in the future.

If you are a merit source, you will see the following message in addition to the one above,

You are a merit source. The next 999 merit you spend will come from your source rather than your sMerit balance. Merit spent from your source will come back in 30 days. Unused source merit is wasted. It is not allowed for merit sources to sell their merit.


I hope this article will be of help to members, and I will update it if I have made any errors or omissions. Please comments below if you would like clarification of any issues.


Comment from: retty [Visitor]  

Hi, as a recently joined member i see lots of posts and threads with regard to merit(s). In all honesty i didn’t really know why people wanted to ‘rank up’ so desperately, I am still unsure why to be honest, and I expect the better the quality of info/post the better your chances of merit?

Either way, it seems to be a big deal within the forum, and obviously very sought after. So I am glad you invited me to look at this, as it does explain it in depth- I literally read it three times as there was quite a bit to take in, though i do understand the reasoning behind it. I can also see that merit is seldom given to newer people as from further investigation it seems that a lot of newbies intentions aren’t trustworthy, so I genuinely think its a good thing to have the merit system. At the risk of making it harder for myself to gain any merit as a newbie, i agree that quality content trumps multiple pointless 2-3 word posts every single time. Feel free to reach out if you need anything else from me.


Ross (retty!)

05/06/18 @ 11:07 pm
Comment from: najaatu paki [Visitor]  
najaatu paki

A very helpful article,shares more knowledge about the merits system.But nowadays getting merits in the forum is much more difficult than before one can be doing the best to get merited and ended up without getting any .I think more knowledge should be shared about the merit system and how it work.

06/06/18 @ 04:51 pm
Comment from: RealDealEverts [Visitor]  

Finally i landed here, im an information seeker looking for a better understanding of the forum, most of the information i get there are not what i seek, Im glad i got here

10/06/18 @ 04:19 am
Comment from: rhinoboy11 [Visitor]  

First i would like to say that you Jet Cash is my hero. You are a blessings to many of Bitcoin Talk Members who have had so many questions in our mind that now all the research can answer.

I at one point had made a post asking how do people get merited and who holds the merit to give.
The answers were many with links from helpful sources and most of them senior members but that only left me more confused.

Today i just read your post simply explaining the same and i feel like i have always known this even though its my first time to understand it.

The way you have explained it is not easy way for every one to do so i believe you are really talented with such.

This being said, I am asking for permission to copy and paste this post as is on Bitcoin Talk.

I will put a disclaimer that it is your post and will also add all the links to this blog so others can find your golden blogs that are hidden in this forum.

Because i can see you are not online i will go ahead and make this post and if i have offended or broken the rule by sharing this post as is from you, please feel free to message me on Bitcointalk or here and i will humbly delete it.

Thank you so much

11/06/18 @ 08:34 pm
Comment from: rhinoboy11 [Visitor]  

so after messaging you and mentioning that i would like to post this on Bitcoin talk for other many members not in this blog site who are struggling to understand the merit system as explained there like i was, I have been banned from Bitcoin talk.

I had written in bold disclaimer on that post and attached a link to this blog and your bitcointalk profile without altering a single word in this post.

I did not try to say i wrote it or not to acknowledge you, i did it all but one lady (Member) who i seen is your friend wasn’t happy and now has had me banned in a page i have used for 8 months and only that post was deleted on my forum posts so it was the only reason.

I came here for help and this post is very helpful to a lot of people like me but now i am totally screwed

I really wish i didn’t share that post but i did leave a message here that if you didn’t conform to me posting then i would delete it

13/06/18 @ 12:29 am

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