Walking the plank to award merits

Hunting for posts to award with merits

  28/05/18 07:28 am, by , Categories: Welcome , Tags: intro

I think of the hunt through the boards to try to find decent posts to award with merit as "walking the plank". I thougt it might be interesting for all you guys in the Bitcoin Talk forum if I described a few of my adventures whilst "treading the boards". I hope it will help you to create better posts that will earn merits for you.

The new Bitcoin Tunes site.

  13/01/19 03:29 pm, by , Categories: Welcome , Tags: Bitcoin Tunes, Bitcoin rap, Bitcoin songs

Bitcoin Talkers will have seen that I started a project to create a video about some of the dramas in the Bitcoin Talk forum. I expected this to be in the form of a rap song, but so far we have had only one entry, and that was more of a chat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIKnBp16QB0&feature=youtu.be and congrats to cabalism. I understand he created this on a mobile phone.

I put together a site containing a variety of Bitcoin songs, and it is on one of my spare domains - Bitcoin Tunes . I've featured a few on the index page, and more in the portfolio. You can also find a couple of advertisement songs for Bitcoin in the advertisements section. Hopefully we will get some enties for the Bitcoin Talk contest, and I can create a gallery of those. I thought it would be an easy way for people to earn a load of merits, but there doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm at the moment.

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The start of an exciting year

  26/12/18 07:32 pm, by , Categories: Welcome

I hope all you guys had a great Christmas, and you are getting ready for the start of an exciting year. I think it is going to be a real roller coaster. Never forget that Bitcoin Talk is a great place to discuss crypto, and its impact on your wealth and your income.  I'm going to be awarding merits to active members who can help us to wealther the storms, and to profit from them. Lack of English shouldn't be a barrier for you, and you can use The Fit to Talk project to help you to create good English posts. If you aren't a member already, then you will need to send a pm to Jet Aid in the Bitcoin Talk forum.

I'm starting to monetise some of my projects, so I'll be taking about Steem and BAT ( basic attention token), and of course, I'm experimenting with the  The crypto coin tree investment club - so watch out for some other alt coin speculations.

So what has all that to do with my activities as a merit source? I've spent a lot of time on the general and meta boards, and I'm not convinced that it has been productive. Next year (2019) I'm going to be a lot more interested in technical issues and the global economy. So these are the areas where I will be looking for meritable posts.

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Updates to the Fit to Talk English project

  04/12/18 04:02 pm, by , Categories: Welcome

Disabling direct registration, and routing it through the Jet Aid member private messages seems to have killed all new registrations. I've re-enabled registration, and it just requires email confirmation to activate the account. However that startes you as a newbie, and you can't make any posts until you have a post count of at least one. This means that the Russian, and other, spammers that keep trying to join will not gain any benefits. In order to make your first post, you will need to send a private message to Jet Aid at Bitcoin Talk, and you can use this link to do this - Send Jet Aid a private message. You will then be enrolled in the verified member group. This is a manual operation, so it may take a few hours if I am offline. I reduce the post count requirement for junior members to 1, so existing members who have been active should be unaffected. Of course you will need to be logged in as a member of Bitcoin Talk to send a message, If you aren't a member of Bitcoin Talk, then you can register via this link - Register at the Bitcoin Talk forum

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Merit awarding is becoming a struggle at Bitcoin Talk

  29/11/18 04:11 pm, by , Categories: Welcome

It is really quite surprising that it is becoming difficult to find good constructive threads and posts in the Bitcoin Talk forum. It ought to be really easy, as there is so much going on in the world of crypto at the moment.

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Today is merit awarding promotion day

  27/07/18 06:46 pm, by , Categories: Welcome

I've spent quite a bit of today in attempting to simplify the process of awarding merits, and actually looking for posts to merit. The hunt was pretty unproductive, so I'm having to turn to some other methods to dispose of my sMerits. I seem to be working through the alphabet, and so far I have

  • aMerits - these are archive merits, and I've just announced these on the beginners board. Junior members can submit posts they made over a month ago for consideration for merit awards.
  • bMerits -  Newbies and Juniors can receive merits for taking partin a group blog.
  • cMerits are merits that are awarded to members who are contributing to the forum, They aren't made for individual posts, but are a reward for being a helpful and constructive member.
  • dMerits are delegated merits, and are merits that I pass on to a respected senior member of the forum to award on my behalf.
  • eMerits will be used for educational posts associated with my academy if I get it started
  • fMerits seem to be foreign language translation merits, and are awarded in conjuction with fir to talk
  • gMerits
  • hMerits
  • iMerits are for information posts
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Walking the plank

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