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Walking the Plank reassessed

  14/06/18 08:27 am, by , Categories: Welcome , Tags: Fit to Talk English, merit source
Apologies to my readers, I've rather neglected the blog recently. There seems to be so much going on in the world, that I'm having trouble keeping up with things. I want to take advantage of the Bitcoin price drop, but I'm finding it difficult to decide… more »
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Elevated from comment

  06/06/18 10:23 am, by , Categories: Welcome
"I found a thread by DV8, a newbie with an activity of 3." this DV8 user is a lucky one :-) I seen the reply from TryNinja. S/he did really gave a good answer. more »
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Asking a question

  03/06/18 03:28 pm, by , Categories: Welcome
I'll run this thread for a while, and add a few examples as I go along. The threads here started off as good examples of members asking a question, and I hope the threads won't be destroyed by spammers. I did start a thread about this in the Fit to Talk… more »
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Particularly bad posts that I noticed today.

  02/06/18 07:20 pm, by , Categories: Welcome
I've been dipping into the threads today, and I thought it might be helpful to new members of Bitcoin Talk if I highlighted a few posts that I thought were particularly bad.  I'll add to the list over the next couple of hours. ===> [quote… more »
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Friday 1st June 2018

  01/06/18 05:25 pm, by , Categories: Welcome
I've opened my bag of merits, and I'm off to hunt for post to award with them. I'll start with the beginners board. The first few are about airdrops, bounties, an infogrphic about Bitcoin Talk, merits for art and exchanges, so we'll skip over those.… more »
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Walking the plank

Daily tours in the bitcoin Talk forum to hunt for posts to award with merits.


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