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In response to: Friday 1st June 2018

Comment from: naomi56 [Visitor]  

I am not sure why i thought your blogs would be interesting to me but sure they were.
I am among the many people who maybe not talented with building up an interesting post but always tries to help others.
I have had maybe lets say 100 reply on my best post so of course i am not the gifted one hahaha
Having learnt English as a second language really does limit the way you want to speak your thoughts and sometimes just doesn’t sound as you really wanted a post to sound at the end.

Let me know your next merit awarding planned spree for i would love to be anywhere near your kind merit donations.
I personally feel like maybe many other people with the sMerit just don’t want to give to avoid too many people going up the ladder. Its like a pyramid of life.

I told my friend who has been in BTT for 7 months i think about the fit to talk platform and he too joined.

For him he has had better threads some with over 300 replies and 1000 reads helping people on how they could start investing in crypto without money like he has been and he only got 1 merit.

Otherwise i want to wish you a very lovely day and hope to catch you on the other side. lmao

11/06/18 @ 06:51 pm
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Walking the plank

Daily tours in the bitcoin Talk forum to hunt for posts to award with merits.


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