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Particularly bad posts that I noticed today.

  02/06/18 07:20 pm, by , Categories: Welcome

I've been dipping into the threads today, and I thought it might be helpful to new members of Bitcoin Talk if I highlighted a few posts that I thought were particularly bad.  I'll add to the list over the next couple of hours.


[quote author=pxo.011 link=topic=3428631.msg35794865#msg35794865 date=1524920968]

[quote author=CryptoniaPoker link=topic=3428631.msg35792248#msg35792248 date=1524918538]>..<[/quote]
thank you for this information it will help a lot of crypto investors, and it will avoid scam and prevent loses about investing,

This post is by a member with an activity of 224, and it is obvious that English is not his first language and wasn't checked after posting. The content is the usual generic comment of negligible value that is typical of the current board pollution problem. However, the worst mistake made by this poster in my opinion, was to copy a long post by the original poster without highlighting any of the points, or providing any additional information. The quoted post was just two posts above this one, and the quote was completely redundant.


[quote author=svetochka.yakovleva.93 link=topic=2991051.msg32356196#msg32356196 date=1521106896]
Progress will and will please us every year because there are so many pluses but in general it's better then to focus on pricing everyone likes asset bitcoin and somebody wants stability.[/quote]

This is a post by another member with an activity of 182. Howcn somebody have been here that long,and still be making unintelligible posts like that one?


[quote author=Skyonito link=topic=1958829.msg37582648#msg37582648 date=1526570713]
i surely agree[/quote]

He might be trying to boost his activity, but just think of the mayhem if every logged in member made several posts like this.


Thread title - "Topic: How do I advance my Membership Level in BCT"


This is a topic that appears daily on the boards, and often such threads become spam mega-threads, with posters just re-hashing mindless short reports to build up activity. The poster would appear to have joined to try to make money from airdrops, and not be prepared to read the stickies at the top of the boards. This thread is a classic example of the reason junior posters should be restricted to starter boards. It is unlikely that any merit source will read the thread to award merit to reposted standard comments.




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Friday 1st June 2018

  01/06/18 05:25 pm, by , Categories: Welcome

I've opened my bag of merits, and I'm off to hunt for post to award with them. I'll start with the beginners board.

The first few are about airdrops, bounties, an infogrphic about Bitcoin Talk, merits for art and exchanges, so we'll skip over those. There was one about 2fa on a mobile, but I've already awarded a merit in that thread.

I looked at the thread "Will my thread be read by people?" just to see what it was about. It turned out to be about posting on page 100 in a mega thread. It's a sensible question, but the replies were not special ( including mine ). I might have been tempted to award a merit if the title had been more specific, but I thought it was a bit general, and it mislead the readers.

Now we are into another run of rubbish titles like "newbies' sadness", I didn't open that, even though it was in the plural. There were more of the tired old themes like "Best wallet", "What is Blockchain", "Pump and Dump",  and emojis nd images, There was one titled "Hardfork", but no question or observation about it, so I thought that would be another multi-posted topic.

Right at the bottom of the page I found a thread by DV8, a newbie with an activity of 3. He was having problems with backing up his wallet. His post was a bit long, and I didn't read all of it, but he seemed to be explaining his problem quite well, so I gave him a couple of merits. TryNinja is  a Hero, and he pitched in with a dialogue that seemed to solve his problem, so I gave him a couple of merits as well.

I looked at the second page, and that was more of the same, with threads about bounty, ETH. and non-specific apparently trivial questions.

I had a quick look in the Ivory Tower, but not much had happened there, so I looked in serious discussion. That's getting spammy these days, with threads about ICOs and trivial schoolkid questions, so I didn't bother to stay.

Meta was all about merits, and I'm a bit bored with threads about those, maybe I'll read them tomorrow. Other threads were the usual stuff about accounts being banned for plagiarism, sig campaigns, and the like.

That will do for today's run. It has been a bit better than usual. 4 merits awarded, and no ignores or reports.



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