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  25/07/18 06:56 pm, by , Categories: Welcome

I backed off posting here for a while, because there is only so much you can say about not meriting the same old rubbish posts. Things seem to have become a bit quiet as well, so it looks as if I need to do some updating, and a bit of promotion for the Fit to talk English project . I've got a load of other ideas as well, and I'll be introducing those over the next few months, so keep reading this blog. The current one is the [SMART] thread initiative, and I'll explain the concept and rules here.

The [SMART] thread initiative

I've started this initiative in an attempt to create some readable and constructive threads that will stand out in the swamp of low value spam and bounty threads. [SMART] means Self-Moderated And Rewarded Thread. It's self-moderated because I will delete any posts that do not comply with my [SMART] standards, and I hope that this will keep the thread clean and easy to read. 'Rewarded' means that I will be revisiting the thread, and I will read all of the posts, so any quality post will stand a good chance of being merited by me. Hopefully these threads will be read by other merit awarders, so posters don't have to rely on me for merits. Having said that, the merits shouldn't be your primary reason for posting in the threads. I want to promote good and interesting discussions, so you don't have to agree with me.

International members are welcome to post in the threads, but please try to  write English with a reasonable flow in the text, and if you aren't sure how to spell a word, or if it is apposite, then a quick check in Google can confirm your choice. If you don't feel confident in your ability to post in an English thread, then join the Fit to Talk project, and ask if your post is any good there.

Now for the rules -

  • No bounty, ICO, Twitbook or other mentions of underworld projects.
  • Don't quote previous posts in full, especially the original post. Snip the part that relates to your comment
  • Never, ever include images in quotes
  • Think very carefully before including an image. It is far better to link to the image, and thus preserve the flow of the thread
  • If you don't have something constructive to say, then don't say anything.
  • Ignored members - I'm not sure how to handle these at the moment. My inclination is to just delete the post if I have you on ignore.
  • All the ususal forum rules apply of course, and I'll be reducing the mods' work by enforcing them.
  • No plagiarism under any circumstances. I may report instances instead of deleting the post, and this can lead to a forum ban.
  • I'm a merit source, and I've got loads of sMerits, but that doesn't mean I equate them with confetti. I want to award them, and your posting skills can help me.

I may vary these conditions, so please watch my signature or return to this blog to check for updates.

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