Walking the plank to award merits
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Today is merit awarding promotion day

  27/07/18 06:46 pm, by , Categories: Welcome

I've spent quite a bit of today in attempting to simplify the process of awarding merits, and actually looking for posts to merit. The hunt was pretty unproductive, so I'm having to turn to some other methods to dispose of my sMerits. I seem to be working through the alphabet, and so far I have

  • aMerits - these are archive merits, and I've just announced these on the beginners board. Junior members can submit posts they made over a month ago for consideration for merit awards.
  • bMerits -  Newbies and Juniors can receive merits for taking partin a group blog.
  • cMerits are merits that are awarded to members who are contributing to the forum, They aren't made for individual posts, but are a reward for being a helpful and constructive member.
  • dMerits are delegated merits, and are merits that I pass on to a respected senior member of the forum to award on my behalf.
  • eMerits will be used for educational posts associated with my academy if I get it started
  • fMerits seem to be foreign language translation merits, and are awarded in conjuction with fir to talk
  • gMerits
  • hMerits
  • iMerits are for information posts

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Walking the plank

Daily tours in the bitcoin Talk forum to hunt for posts to award with merits.


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