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Updates to the Fit to Talk English project

  04/12/18 04:02 pm, by , Categories: Welcome

Disabling direct registration, and routing it through the Jet Aid member private messages seems to have killed all new registrations. I've re-enabled registration, and it just requires email confirmation to activate the account. However that startes you as a newbie, and you can't make any posts until you have a post count of at least one. This means that the Russian, and other, spammers that keep trying to join will not gain any benefits. In order to make your first post, you will need to send a private message to Jet Aid at Bitcoin Talk, and you can use this link to do this - Send Jet Aid a private message. You will then be enrolled in the verified member group. This is a manual operation, so it may take a few hours if I am offline. I reduce the post count requirement for junior members to 1, so existing members who have been active should be unaffected. Of course you will need to be logged in as a member of Bitcoin Talk to send a message, If you aren't a member of Bitcoin Talk, then you can register via this link - Register at the Bitcoin Talk forum

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Walking the plank

Daily tours in the bitcoin Talk forum to hunt for posts to award with merits.


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